Heinz Winckler and his family of (almost) 5!

Heniz Winckler and his beautiful wife Alette Winckler have moved to Somerset West a short while ago, and they are expecting their third little bundle of joy! They are such a cute little family and I absolutely loved photographing them!

I especially loved photographing Alette, as I am very inspired by women who work hard, impact and inspire other women, and who take their job of mothering and being a wife very seriously! (Her being so beautiful is just an added bonus!) They are the true triple threats! 🙂 Aletté-Johanni has a book out at the moment called More is Maandag, where she shares her life and challenges with people (especially women), and realizing that with God all things are possible and you can be free from things that are holding you back.

It was such an absolute blessing to photograph this gorgeous family! Thank you!

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