Anchel & Albert – Picnic wedding

Absolutely loved photographing this wedding, it was my first wedding at Babylonstoren and my goodness it was so great! This venue is so unique and beautiful, I have never seen anything like it, and they have a restaurant too! So even if you’re not getting married, its a lovely day trip. What makes this venue so nice for me is that its to tranquil and organic, the gardens have an Alice in wonderland feel, with beautiful designs and architecture hidden away around every corner. I was fortunate enough to have an awesome couple to photograph in these beautiful surroundings.. Anchel and Albert were so much fun to photograph, and did I mention how beautiful the bride is? Wow.

Anchel is the film editor of “Boer soek ‘n vrou“, and does design work in her free time, so its easy to see that she had a big hand in making this a very creative weddingl. She even designed the stationery herself! (All service providers at end of blog)


Decor-61 Decor-62 Decor-77 Decor-83 Decor-2

Decor-28 Decor-12 Decor-17 Decor-21 Decor-22  Decor-33 Decor-37 Decor-43


Getting_ready-4 Getting_ready-28 Getting_ready-65 Getting_ready-86 Getting_ready-93 Getting_ready-106 Getting_ready-108 Getting_ready-111 Getting_ready-116 Getting_ready-117 Getting_ready-138

Ceremony-22 Ceremony-34 Ceremony-52 Ceremony-60 Ceremony-63 Ceremony-71 Ceremony-110

Decor-44 Decor-63 Decor-66 Picnic-3 Picnic-13 Picnic-43 Picnic-44 Picnic-75

Couple-16 Couple-20Couple-37 Couple-46 Couple-56 Couple-67 Couple-96 Couple-97 Couple-109 Couple-110 Couple-128 Couple-140 Couple-152 Couple-162 Couple-167 Couple-169 Couple-171 Couple-174 Couple-182 Couple-190 Couple-192 Couple-195 Couple-213 Couple-215 Couple-225 Couple-247 Couple-267 Couple-278                          Reception-5 Reception-59 Reception-111 Reception-112


Venue: Babylonstoren

Entertainment: Gian Groen (picnic)

Entertainment: DJ: Dave from Top sound

Catering: La Motte

Hair and make-up: Nicolene from Studio image (Paarl)

Videographer: Armand Fourie from Arm and Leg Productions

Stationery: Anha Creative Studio (Bride designed it herself)


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